Dan’s 2017 Anime in Review

2017 was a year that got me back into watching anime more than any year before it. I watched many different series, both alone and with my SO. I’ve been meaning to talk about the series that I finished this year (or at least those I remember) both as writing exercises, and as a catalyst to make me want to watch more series so I can talk about them.

These thoughts aren’t meant to try and persuade anybody into liking or disliking these shows, nor are they meant to give some kind of numerical value review. I’m just putting down my thoughts about what I liked and didn’t like, and hopefully avoid spoilers so if anybody wants to watch, I don’t give anything away.

Not all of these shows are anime FROM 2017, but rather they were shows that I watched during 2017.

Anime Watched in 2017
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
Interviews with Monster Girls
Assassination Classroom
Koro Sensei Quest
New Game!
It is Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?
Persona 4: The Animation
Danganronpa: The Animation
No Game No Life!
No Game No Life: Zero
Restaurant to Another World

Incomplete Anime from 2017 (Hoping to finish)
Michiko and Hatchin
The Ancient Magus Bride
Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Myriad Colors Phantom World
Persona 3 Films (Watched 1 and 2, need to watch 3 and 4)


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