Interviews with Monster Girls


Similar to Kobayashi, I first heard of this show either pre-release or shortly after initial airing by seeing a random clip online. It featured the teacher, Takahashi, talking with the dullahan demi-human, Machi (best girl, fight me). The premise seemed interesting, four demi-humans, or “demis”, are at high school and one of the teachers want to learn more about them. Three demis are students: the vampire, Hikari, the snow woman, Yuki, and the previously mentioned dullahan, Machi. The fourth demi is the new math teacher: Sakie, a succubus.

The show is more of an exploration of how these types of mythical beings would work in an average everyday life. The difficulties that each type of demi has to deal with, the mythos of the demis and what aspects are true or untrue (in this universe at least), and an attempt to put some kind of science in explaining how the demi’s unique features exist.

While at times the writing can get clunky or forced, the message that is being said in each episode is genuine and heartwarming. (The clunky writing isn’t an issue of the dub, as I’ve read the manga for this series as well, and it matches pretty consistently). The characters are all likable, even despite Hikari occasionally being annoying or Takahashi being as dense as his name (Tetsuo), and it’s easy to see the heart of each of these characters.

Despite this show containing a vampire, a succubus, and a dullahan, the show is very calm for the most part. There’s no action sequences, and mostly involves people just talking. The best part about this show doesn’t really come until the end of the second to last episode. It’s able to show the wide influence that one teacher talking to these students has caused.

The major questions that are brought up multiple times throughout the series are “Are these girls defined by their demi-human sides?”, “Is it fair to ignore the demi side in order to just see them as girls?”, and “Where is the balance?”. This show goes really far in order to try and answer these questions, and phrases it in a way that can easily be translated to the differences between people in the real world.

New manga volumes are coming out very sparsely for this series, so I don’t know how much content would be available for another season, but these episodes were good, wholesome, and enjoyable.


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